Tracking the Path from Commitments to Impact

The COVID-19 pandemic has strained health systems, governments, and communities over the past two years and the full health, economic, and geopolitical impacts are yet unknown. At the same time, investments in the development of highly effective and safe vaccines and promising therapies resulted in lifesaving interventions on an accelerated timeline.

However, the lack of a coordinated, effective, and equitable response globally led to widening inequities between haves and have-nots around the world, which has prolonged the pandemic and put everyone at greater risk of health and economic harm.

There are many helpful dashboards and other trackers compiling data and monitoring progress for various aspects of the pandemic. And leaders of wealthy countries have made significant pledges to ensure that vaccines, therapeutics, diagnostics, oxygen, and other lifesaving measures get to the parts of the world where they are needed most. But the pledges remain largely unfulfilled, and the dashboards aren’t consistently translating to improved decision-making, investments, and policies. As a result, the path from commitments to achievement of the critical goals needed to contain the pandemic worldwide is far from clear.

The COVID GAP team curates key data from across many dashboards and trackers and provides analysis-driven recommendations to move us from commitments to effective actions. We present data and insights in three key categories: vaccines and vaccination, other lifesaving measures, and future preparedness.