COVID GAP Accountability Report, Issue 12

October 19, 2022: COVID GAP Accountability Report Issue 12

Key Changes and Insights Since Previous Report:

  • Findings from the ACT-A external evaluation have been released. The ACT-A Facilitation Council commissioned Open Consultants to evaluate ACT-A experiences and identify key lessons learned for future pandemic preparedness and response.

  • Gavi and Moderna have signed an agreement to cancel the remaining volume of vaccine doses for 2022, and make available up to 100 million doses of variant containing vaccines for low and middle-income countries.

  • The Medicines Patent Pool has signed a license agreement with Shionogi & Co. for their oral antiviral candidate, ensitrelvir.
    Somalia reports a daily vaccination rate (28-day average) of 0.47%, an increase from 0.23% two weeks ago.

  • The number of booster doses administered per 100 people has increased in upper middle- income and