COVID GAP Accountability Report Issue 14

November 16, 2022: COVID GAP Accountability Report Issue 14

Key Changes and Insights Since Previous Report:

  • On November 13th, the G20 officially launched the pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response financial intermediary fund – now called the Pandemic Fund.

  • Italy and the United Kingdom have announced their pledges towards the Global Fund replenishment. Italy pledges 185 million euros and the United Kingdom pledges 1 billion GBP.

  • Both the vaccination pillar and health systems and response pillar of ACT-A have received additional contributions, reaching 71.5% and 10.5% of the target funding respectively.

  • Germany pledged an additional $97.84 million to CEPI while Mexico and BMGF have contributed the full amount pledged.

  • Niger reports a daily vaccination rate (28-day average) of 0.32%, an increase from 0% two weeks ago.

  • Côte d’Ivoire is reporting 70.10% vaccination coverage of their 60+ population which is an increase from 46.73% two weeks ago.