Key Changes and Insights Since Previous Report:

  • China has rolled back its zero-COVID policies, and there is a lack of accurate data available regarding COVID deaths or circulating variants. Airfinity’s model predicts there will be 1.7 million deaths by the end of April 2023.

  • Amidst the COVID-19 surge in China, several countries have implemented travel requirements for travelers coming from China. The U.S. and U.K. are requiring pre-flight COVID tests while Morocco is implementing a full entry ban.

  • Singapore announced a pledge of USD $1 million to the Global Fund.

  • Nigeria is reporting 65.98% vaccination coverage of their 60+ population which is an increase from 56.49% two weeks ago.

  • The Democratic Republic of the Congo is reporting 81.92% vaccination coverage of their healthcare worker population which is an increase from 59.31% two weeks ago.

  • The average daily testing rates have decreased across all income groups.